Cook with love & safety

Bacteria-Free Kitchen: Keep Your Family Healthy & Safe

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Safety Gold Standard
Cook with love & safety

Keep Your Family Healthy & Safe

Hurry! Only a few left
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Regular Cutting Boards: 
a Health Risk

Stomach Cramps & Discomfort?

A regular cutting board can hold bacteria 200 times more dangerous
than a toilet seat! These germs can contaminate any food that you
prepare, causing pain & discomfort.

Bloated & Tired?

Your cutting board might be the reason! Most boards absorb bacteria, 
becoming a source of cross-contamination. This can lead to 
bloating, fatigue & flatulence.

 Nausea & Diarrhea?

An unsafe cutting board can cause more than just daily discomfort. In
fact, these tools can be the start of a dangerous range of illnesses
like salmonella, E-coli & campylobacter.

From Fatigue To Enjoying
Life To The Fullest

Protect Your Family’s Health

The TPU cutting board makes use of cutting-edge technology that ensures that your kitchen stays safe, healthy & germ-free.

Save Your Energy For What Matters

Food should be a source of energy, not danger! Feel recharged and motivated after every meal to enjoy life to the fullest.

Become a Lifestyle Example

Prepare every meal with good health in mind & inspire others to make their families' well-being a priority. Set an example to your friends, family & neighbors!
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The Latest Germ-Free Technology in Your Kitchen

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is an innovative non-toxic
& 100% food-safe material.
Free from BPA (Bisphenol-A) & heavy metals, TPU is approved by many industries as the gold standard due to its bacterial-resistant properties. In fact, its highly resilient composition proves to be efficient in preventing the growth of germs.
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You’ll Never Go Back To Regular Boards

Regular Cutting Board

Accumulates Bacteria & Odor
Dulls Knives
Easily Scratchable
Not Dishwasher Safe
Non-Heat Resistant
Easily Damaged & Poor Slip

TPU Cutting Board

Bacteria & Odor Free
Protects Knives
Scratch Resistant
Dishwasher Friendly
Heat Resistant
Durable & Non-Slip